Crossmen Announce New Corporate Marketing Partner
“The Crossmen World Class Drum Corps and “My Dot Book©” manufacturer Drummer Girl Productions are pleased to announce our new marketing relationship”, stated Crossmen Executive/Corps Director, Fred Morrison. It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with Drummer Girl proprietor, Leslie Allard. Leslie and Crossmen Visual Caption Head, Terry Pritchard came to me with the idea of producing a custom dot book for the Crossmen. Leslie’s product is a work of art and takes care of all of the technical requirements to produce a workable tool for the marching members of the Crossmen. We started distributing the books at the last Crossmen camp and the response from the members was better than anticipated. No more spiral notebooks with flimsy pages for the Crossmen. The My Dot Book© is specially formatted to easily take care of the marching members recording and referencing of their drill coordinates. I wish Leslie could have seen the smiles on the Crossmen faces when they thumbed through their new books.

“The Crossmen are truly a world class organization,” remarked Leslie, working with professionals like Terry and Fred made it a natural for our companies to combine forces and promote our products together. I am pleased that the Crossmen have named My Dot Book© by Drummer Girl as the Official Dot Book of the Crossmen. Not only will the Crossmen use our product on the field in 2011, the custom dot book Drummer Girl provided will be available on line in the Crossmen Online Store and on the Crossmen Souvenir Trailer at the 32 shows attended by the Crossmen this summer. Drummer Girl can satisfy your dot book needs. For your custom dot book needs, visit or find us on Facebook by searching for "My Dot Book©"!!!
- Press release from The Crossmen World Class Drum Corps, 2010

"My Dot Book© has been a tremendous success among our students, and a welcome addition to our rehearsals with our instructional staff. In addition to making our rehearsals more efficient (thus cutting down on “wasted” rehearsal time, and thus cutting down on the overall amount of time we need to rehearse), My Dot Book© also helps to ensure cleaner drill and more crisp, transparent musical passages as they relate to the visual. With the option of having our logo on the front cover, My Dot Book© is also a source of pride with our students as they get to see their “name brand” all through rehearsal. Though we have used dot books for years, My Dot Book© cuts down on the amount of time spent outside of rehearsal doing rehearsal chores (such as: making a dot book!). This particular benefit has been embraced by our IB students, to be sure! We are in our second year of using My Dot Book©, and I am sure it is simply the second year of a long, successful relationship with the company!"
- John A. Boyd, Director of Bands, Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, VA

"These dot books have cut our preparation and rehearsal time dramatically. We have been using My Dot Book© for years and I find them to be an invaluable tool for drill instruction and rehearsal. They are simple to use and fit neatly in a pocket. The cheat sheet helps the kids to understand how to complete and diagram the book. Not once have we seen a defect or failure of the bindings or printing. Some of my students have begun a "stack" of all their drills, place them on a long shoestring, and use them as a sense of pride in how long they have been involved with the program. I would recommend My Dot Book© to anyone who wishes to find a professionally produced dot book that will last through anything that a high school student can put it through."
- Jay Allsbrook, Band Director, Virginia Beach, VA

"I have been trying to get my kids to create dot books for years. You win some, you lose some. You get anywhere from complete ones, incomplete ones, half way done, or just plain not done at all (all year). But when I stumbled on to My Dot Book©, the whole outlook on dot books working just got better. The kids love its simplicity and the convenience of just having to fill in the blanks. Carrying the binder was always a hassle, but now they have music and drill within easy access. My Dot Book© has done wonders with the confidence in marching drill."
- Ricco Robinson, Drill Designer/Visual Consultant, Virginia Beach, VA

I have been using these dot books for years now and have noticed a huge improvement in how efficient our rehearsals run. We are able to fix and clean sets much faster with students having a quick reference right there with them at all times on the field. They are able to check their dot, their music, who they guide to, where they fit in the form, what their interval is, as well as have any notes that they put down for that page right there at all times. I highly recommend them for any serious marching program.
- Mike Lane, Band Director, Virginia Beach, VA

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