My Dot Book© was created by Drummer Girl Productions in 2004 and is based out of Virginia Beach, VA.  High School marching band programs in our area have been using My Dot Book© for several years, and it has proven to provide a drastic improvement in their visual program, resulting in increased musical accuracy.

Personal experience with both marching in and teaching high school marching bands and marching in Drum and Bugle Corps has given us the insight necessary to create a product that will meet the needs of marchers of all kinds. We have all spent many, many hours creating our own hand-drawn dot books. In order to be effective, we knew the large amounts of time we spent were necessary to ensure that we created dot books that included all of the required information needed to be effective. This amount of time could have been used on other rehearsal aspects. It occurred to us that there had to be a better way! We sat down and figured out what took the longest to create in the dot books. We finally realized that putting our individual information (dots, intervals, music, counts, etc.) is not what took so long. It was setting up each page by drawing the field, music staffs, and every other little detail. This realization is what inspired Drummer Girl Productions to create, quite simply, an easier way! My Dot Book© ensures that everyone will have a completed, detailed reference guide that can be created in a very short amount of time! Read the Success Stories on our website and see for yourself!

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